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Spinalonga - Ag. Nikolaos City - BBQ


Spinalonga - Ag. Nikolaos City - BBQ

Departure: 08:00 – Return: 19:00 (approx.)

On this excursion we will visit some special natural and historical sites on the east side of Crete.


Firstly, we visit the picturesque town of Agios Niκolaos where we stay for more than two hours and enjoy walking in the narrow streets, around the lake and the port, go shopping or simply relax on one of the several waterfronts of the town.


From the port of Agios Nikolaos we take the ship to the small mysterious island of Spinalonga. Spinalonga has been a Venetian fortress in the past and the last leper colony in Europe until 1957. The history and the culture of the island are closely associated with human tragedy through the course of time.


During sailing, we will see the seaside villages of Plaka and Elounda with luxury hotels and we will admire the cave of the pirate Barbarossa and the Kri-Kri (Cretan goats) island.


Before arriving at Spinalonga, the ship stops in the middle of Kolokitha bay where we have the opportunity to jump off in the blue, crystal clear waters and enjoy a superb swimming!


Afterwards, at Spinalonga we have a guided tour in the ruins of streets and old houses, we explore the Venetian fortress preserved in its most part, in a good condition and we enjoy some of the finest views of the clear blue water.


BBQ on board (optional, not included in the price) 8€.


EXTRA: Entrance Fee in Spinalonga: Adults 8€, Kids ‘till until 18 Free

             Boat: Adults 10€, Kids 3-12 years 5€

*EXPRESS: All excursions are direct without stops and tedious passenger pick-ups, saving up to two hours on journey time.
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